Best shoes if you’re on your feet all day at work

best shoes if youre on your feet all day at work

Many jobs require you to be on your feet for hours at a time which can lead to swollen, aching feet and legs. Recent research has actually shown that standing and walking are better for your health than sitting all day, as in the increasingly sedentary jobs of the modern world. Despite this, most people would agree it doesn't always feel better! However luckily there are shoes that have been specifically designed to support your feet to better reduce pain and swelling. Quality work shoes also help to align your feet, legs and hips to more optimum positions which reduces knee and back pain and fatigue from being on your feet all day. If your job requires you to be on your feet all day then it is a necessity to invest in some proper quality footwear, you will certainly notice a difference and your feet will thank you for it.

Formal dress jobs - Business, Real Estate, Managerial, Executive 

People usually associate office and business roles with a sedentary lifestyle, however, this is not always the case. Certain jobs in this sector can be every bit as active as the rest on this list such as busy personal assistants rushing too and fro carrying out various errands or real estate agents showing potential buyers through new homes or even regional managers visiting outposts, stores, warehouses and offices across the area. So too we have the increase in use of standing desks by office workers for improved health and wellness. All of these roles tend to require a more formal attire and footwear but must strike a balance between form and function, fine skyscraper stilettos or heavy mens dress shoes may look ceremonious but will not be worth the pain and fatigue by the days end. In order to look your best and also be comfortable and focussed we recommend some of the following shoes for men and women.

Women’s Formal Workwear

vionic caroll

Vionic Caroll: This feminine and classy shoe comes in various colours including the sleek black pictured. It goes very well with skirts, dresses and pants alike and adds a dainty polish to your professional look. These shoes are incredibly comfortable with built in cushioning, biomechanically designed to hug your arches. Vionic Technology helps support natural alignment from the ground up and their simple elegance ensures you will not only look good in that board meeting but feel good too!

 ecco soft 2

Ecco Soft 2.0: Modern, classy and comfortable this shoe will take you from uptown meeting to cross town coffee run and back to after work drinks without hesitation. The Ecco Soft 2.0 has a built in orthopaedic arch support and is lightweight for excellent comfort so you never break your stride. Available in a wide range of colours, the all Black version pictured gives an extra sophisticated look that is particularly professional.

Men’s Formal Workwear

ecco lisbon mens work shoe   

Ecco Lisbon: The classic mens formal shoe ensures you always look smooth and professional. It’s hard to go wrong with such a timeless shoe, ideal for all number of workplaces from corporate office to front of house hospitality to lecture theatre this shoe will take you everywhere without missing a beat. Crafted with premium full-grain leather uppers, leather covered thick cushioned removable insole and timeless masculine styling. The Ecco Lisbon shoes are lightweight and flexible, suitable for everyday wear or formal occasions.

ecco soft 7 popular mens shoe

Ecco Soft 7 Lace: A modern, versatile take to suit modern versatile businessman. Available in a range of colours and constructed from rich full-grain an nubuck leather for a light and soft feel. These shoes are designed to handle the weekend fun and the high stakes business meeting. Suitable for modern corporate workplaces, entrepreneurs, teachers and anyone who needs a versatile shoe that both looks stylish and can stand up to the lifestyle of modern professionals.

Active Job Roles - Health Sector Jobs, Deliveries, Caretakers

These types of jobs are well known for keeping you on your feet and for this reason more casual activewear style footwear is not only acceptable but encouraged. Productivity and efficiency are improved when workers aren't distracted by aching feet and legs. Roles suitable for this sort of footwear tend to include hospital workers, nurses, surgeons, caretakers, early childhood teachers and deliveries staff. However caution must be taken depending on the specific workplace as to what is acceptable. Some workplaces in these industries are happy with whatever keeps workers most comfortable to attend to their demanding jobs. Others must tread a line to keep the footwear with an edge of formality and professionalism, for this reason, plain, neutral footwear is usually a safer bet than colourful & patterned options. See our recommendations for active workwear for men and women below.

Women’s Active Workwear

ecco sense womens shoe nurse work shoes

Ecco Sense: An athleisure inspired low-cut sneaker that kicks it up a notch with silver adding an air of refined luxe. Super lightweight, comfortable and durable for everyday wear these sneakers are perfect for striding the hospital hallways or walking in the park with children or elderly. Ecco Sense sneakers are designed with Ecco Fluidform technology to add strength and flexibility for maximum comfort all day long, no matter how busy. 

vionic kea slip on shoes comfortable

Vionic Kea Slip On: Shoes for ease, comfort and performance every day. These slip ons are incredibly useful if your workplace calls for shoes to be going on and off all day such as in healthcare home visits. Available in a wide range of colours including all black for a toned back professional look or to suit workplace uniform requirements. Despite the lightweight look and feel of these shoes they are also supportive, durable and long lasting with a tough rubber outsole and advanced motion system technology. Step into support for work, play and everyday.

Men’s Active Workwear

Kroten Travelwalker mens shoe

Kroten Travel Walker: The Kroten Travel Walker is an athletic looking shoe available in all black for professional wear as well as a range of other colour options too. The shoe features durable, breathable upper for comfort with a patented anti odor lining making it ideal for active jobs in hot climates like ours. It also features an abrasion resistant toe cap and the trademark Kroten slip resistant rubber sole. Take on the work day in this flexible, comfortable, breathable sneaker. 

ecco cool GTX water proof sneakers men

Ecco Cool GTX: These are some serious shoes, crafted with premium materials and designed to still look modern and stylish. This high quality footwear is loaded with technology such as Gore-tex surround waterproof construction with low top and breathability to ensure dry comfortable feet. Ideal for all day wear, these hard working shoes will not let you down whether you are running deliveries, cooking 5 star meals, teaching a class or checking on patients, they've got you covered. The outstanding design of the Ecco Cool GTX combines dressy looks with casual shoe comfort, arch support and optimum cushioning for an all round excellent work shoe.

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