How To Be Comfortable In Heels

High heels are the epitome of the saying ‘beauty is pain’ but it doesnt need to be this way! There are many clever products, tricks and techniques you can use to enjoy wearing your favourite high heels in complete comfort. Even better than that, there are now scientifically designed, absolutely stunning high heeled shoes that have built in support and anatomically in tune constructions that provide an altogether healthier and truly comfortable way of wearing high heels. 


Throughout the article you will see pictures of some of the ‘healthier’ heels that we stock, simply click the link below the picture to see more details on each shoe.

First the tips and tricks to apply to the beloved heels already living in your closet

Shoe Height Mods

So you’re head over heels (get it?) in love with a pair of heels but they are high, like really high and you know they are quite possibly going to be too painful to wear, pretty as they are! Don’t worry, there is a little known trick up your sleeve, trot on down to the nearest shoe repair stores and discuss with them the options for shortening the height of your heels. This can make a big difference, even 1cm off can give you relief and allow you to wear your shoes, in comfort and much more often.


vionic whitney bootvionic solana








Vionic Whitney Boot                       Vionic Solana

Practise Walking Mindfully

Ladies, don’t expect to be born magically able to walk like a flawless queen in high heels! It is a learned skill, improved with practise and thoughtful consideration of how to move your body. Pop on your high heels at home and practise walking around your home, pay way more attention to the rest of your body than usual as you walk. Tense your abdominal muscles, lengthen your stride and walk heel-to-toe. Add a confident swagger and some music, you will find it really helps. You may discover as you practise that you can feel different muscles than usual being used, this is good and means you are strengthening the necessary muscles as well as building a muscle memory for how to walk in heels without needing to concentrate so hard. It is important that you get to a point where you don’t have to look down at your feet in order to feel safe while walking, practise walking at different speeds, a light run, small jumps, turns, tight corners and pretend you are smooshed in a crowded pub. If you can’t feel safe walking in high heels it is advisable not to go out in them until you are sure you are not going to cause an injury.








Vionic Frances                          Vionic Laurie Wedge

Wear Them In!

I know you have heard this one before, but it's repeated because its important. Before taking your pretty new heels out for a night long spin make sure you have worn them for at least a few hours. Wear them around the house and also for shorter periods of time, out for a sit down dinner or while running small errands. This will mean that any problem areas can be discovered and dealt with before the big night as well as allowing the shoe to stretch and mould to your foot. Wearing your high heels in adequately can mean the difference between whether your night is cut short from foot pain or not.







Vionic Maris                        Klouds Silver Lining Kylie

Use “Foot” Protection

There are various products available to protect your foot while wearing high heels, and any shoes for the matter. One product is moleskin which can be used to line your shoes and stop rubbing and also can be cut and applied directly over any blisters you've got brewing, or potential trouble areas. Another two great tools at your disposal are anti blister sticks and blister plasters. Anti blister sticks are used to lubricate any problem areas to reduce friction and therefore hopefully prevent blisters from forming. If you do happen to have a blister come up then you can use specialty blister plasters which usually have padding over the blister area to reduce pain and protect the injured area from more damage. Both these are great emergency measures as they are very easy to take with you and apply when necessary.

worlds most comfortable high heelsecco wedge













Klouds Silver Lining Kitty            Ecco Shape Wedge

More Shoe Mods

There are a variety of products that can be inserted into and added on to your high heels to improve their comfort and fit. If the balls of your feet are a constant problem for you then sticky gel inserts or Revere Forefoot inserts, pictured below, that cushion that area will make a world of difference. There are also heel support pads though be careful with these as they will obviously add extra height gain in the heel area so stick to the slimmest versions if you need them. Arch support inserts such as Vionic Relief pictured below, can help support your arch and strengthen your ankle from rolling inwards if your arch is prone to collapsing. Additionally there a variety of different heel grips available, these stick to the heel of your shoe on the inside and help to keep your foot from sliding up and down causing blisters and also help to secure your foot more firmly inside the shoe if there is a risk of them coming off. You want your high heels to be secure and like an extension of your own foot, the more movement there is the more the chance of injury. It doesn't cost much to add a few modifications to your shoes and you will be very glad you did.


forefoot support
womens shoe support for comfortable heels

The ultimate most comfortable high heels

A welcome addition to the range of high heel shoe options available are shoes created to be more supportive, healthier and more comfortable for the wearer. There are now many scientifically designed, absolutely stunning high heeled shoes available that have built in support and cushioning. Brands such as Vionic, Ecco and Klouds have high heels with specialised dual density footbeds; a soft outer layer to provide cushioning, and a firm under-layer to provide heel and arch support. Another factor in their designs is usually adequate width across the forefoot which helps relieve undue pressure on the ball of the foot and aids with stability and foot function even at a high heel angle. Check out some of our top picks below which provide an altogether healthier and truly comfortable way of wearing high heels.

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