Mens Shoe Trends 2019

mens shoes trends 2019

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Shoes are the ultimate men's style accessory, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and show of individual style as a man but thankfully shoes are getting better and better at providing that fashion outlet for men. Shoes complete the outfit, when dressing to impress it is all about the shoes - quality and on trend shoes matched to the activity and rest of your clothing choices instantly place you as a standout, someone who is confident and takes pride in their appearance.

The variety of shoes designed specifically for men’s needs, interests and style has exploded in recent years and about time too! Mens shoe options provide all the necessary practical gear for your favourite activities think shoes for everyday streetwear, travel specific shoes, individual sports shoes as well as general activewear and gym shoes. Then you have shoes for specific hobbies such as hiking, fishing, hunting and beachwear. For the modern working man there is a range of worksite footwear and professional office shoes to choose from. Then there is the newest additions to mens footwear categories with collectable styles as well as the trendy night footwear for the metropolitan man, shoes for a 5 star restaurant date night! Changing up shoes per activity and finding the ideal pair to complete an outfit is the male equivalent of women accessorising with a feature piece of jewellery and the effort is noticeable and impressive.

shoe quotes sole integrityBelow we have outlined this years top trends and shoe types to add to your collection.

The All Rounder

This type of shoe is perfect for travel or those with a minimalist ethos, the all rounder style shoe is about getting the widest variety of uses and long term wear out of a smaller collection of shoes. All rounder type shoes are comfortable and have no problem supporting your feet during museum visits, walking the forest trails and days out shopping and sightseeing, our range in particular boasts a large number of shoes that either have built in orthopedic support and/or can fit your custom orthotics inside them for clinical level support. The all rounder shoe is also designed to be stylish, you won’t look out of place going out to dinner and a movie or sitting in the business class lounge waiting for your next flight.

Merrel Freewheel LaceMerrell Freewheel Lace 
OluKai Nohea Moku OluKai Nohea Moku
ECCO MEN'S Soft 7Ecco Mens Soft Brown

I Wear My Grandads Shoes

Love it or hate it grandpa style footwear is going to be around this year as well and it’s getting even more adventurous. Starting off with the more mild version of the grandpa style we have first seen boat shoes and slip ons become popular over the past few years but the style has now gone on to include ‘dad sneakers’. Dad sneakers are inspired by the sports shoes that your father or grandfather used to wear. More and more brands are bringing dad sneakers for men on the market, and, before you scoff at the trend it’s worth mentioning that even the high end brands such as Louis Vuitton (AUD$1,650) and Balenciaga (AUD$1,240) are doing it too! Get this look for less expense whilst still being very high quality and maximum comfort,(just don’t be surprised if your kids and grandkids start wearing them!) Shop online now for the Orthaheel X Trainer.

dad sneaker trend 2019All Black

Black is the new black? All black shoe variations are popular this year, pared back compared to some of the other trends, all black shoes are ideal for transitioning between day and night suitable as every day wear and also as smart casual wear. All black shoes will go with more or less anything, won't take over your outfit and pretty much always look good. Sleek and classy you can expect this trend to float around in the everyday zone this year. A versatile, staple shoe, these are a must in every man’s wardrobe and make an excellent addition to a tight travel packing list especially as they get dirty less quickly. We have some excellent options in stock now for the all black footwear staple.

black mens casual shoesMerrel Freewheel Lace 
trendy mens street shoesEcco Cool GTX 
best mens casual shoes Ecco Soft Lace

Beachy Footwear

Slides and premium arch support thongs are the ultimate in comfort and ease and luckily are having some time in the trend limelight at the moment, this means you can wear your most comfortable shoes pretty much everywhere and look perfectly on trend. These shoes are part of the athleisure movement where athletic shoes such as the locker room slides are crossing over into the leisure wear category. Add a touch of luxury and style with brown leather and you look the ultimate combo of cool, beach resort meets sporty meets barefoot indie dude. Think Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth and you’re there.

mens thongs australiaOrthaheel Wave
quality mens thongsOluKai Ohana
mens slidesOluKai Nalu Slide 

2019 Shoe Trend Summary

You can thank the athleisure and travel trends for the increase in comfortable footwear this year, gone is the old adage ‘beauty is pain’ these days it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, ready for any adventure, throw a couple of things in your backpack and get going. But also thank your kids, as the trendy younger brands get more comfortable and gender-neutral so too, are the older, comfort focussed brands are getting more stylish for the boomer generation shoppers. It appears we are meeting in the middle… at the dad sneaker.